Core Integration

Core integration is a method of movement education, bodywork, and therapeutic exercise designed to help you move better and feel better. It teaches you to move the way you were designed to move; to have your effort directed along specific core movement pathways without excess tension, restrictions, or faulty habits. The method was developed by Josef DellaGrotte, PhD. It is based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and other body-mind exercise forms.

Core Integration (CI) organizes movement into six primary pathways that connect the body’s core (the physiological center of the body and its surrounding structures) to the ground and the rest of oneself. These pathways provide the most efficient way of moving , while simultaneously allowing the body to lengthen and become strong and more flexible.

Commonly reported benefits include decreased aches and pains, improved posture and a longer, less compressed spine, strain-free core strengthening, improved flexibility, and renewed vitality

CI principles and exercises can be learned in a group class or in private sessions. For more information, visit contact me or visit