Bones for Life®

Enhance Bone Health, Put a “Spring in your Step”, Improve Posture and MORE!

Bones for Life (BFL) is an awareness-based movement program designed to help you cultivate optimal skeletal alignment and the ability to move well and send rhythmic forces through your skeleton. These ingredients are KEY to maximizing your bone strength without causing strain. And, they are key to good balance and preventing harmful falls.

BFL movements are based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and are adaptable for anyone. The BFL program can be helpful for personal health benefits or to enrich your work if you are a movement/yoga/fitness teacher or therapist. Participants report decreased aches and pains, improvements in vitality, flexibility, and posture, and increased ability to move with ease, confidence, and enjoyment.

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Marcia Giudice, MS, OTR
Certified Bones for Life Teacher and Trainer

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